James (Jim) Bradley (Co-chair)

James Bradley

Mr. Bradley was raised on a small mixed farm before completing his formal education at Kinkora Regional High School and later at UPEI where he received his Bachelor of Business Administration in 1979.  During a thirty-six career with Amalgamated Dairies Limited Jim gained a wealth of experience in the dairy processing and food distribution business. Jim has previous Board experience with many community, volunteer and industry organizations.

“Land is an important asset that we are entrusted with before leaving it for future generations. We have an obligation to them to do our very best with and for the land during our time with it.”


Lori Robinson (Co-chair)

Photo of Lori Robinson

Ms. Robinson is the farm management professional in her family’s agricultural operation, Eric C. Robinson Inc., a sixth-generation farming operation.

“As a 6th generation Island farmer, land matters to me because the land is the foundation from which my livelihood, as well as the livelihood of my family and employees, is derived. I have a shared vision with my family to manage the land that we currently own and lease in a manner that is economically and environmentally sustainable, while at the same time, ensures that the use of that land today, leaves it in as good as shape, or better, for future generations of Island farmers.”




Billy Cameron

Photo of Billy Cameron

Mr. Cameron is a farmer, growing seed and table potatoes and other rotation crops.  

"Land matters to me because it is PEI's largest natural resource, it needs to be managed and protected so both the Island economy and its people can rely on it for the future." 





Hans Connor

Photo of Hans Connor

Mr. Connor has been practicing Labour and Employment Law in PEI for over 20 years.  He has also experience in the academic fields of Environmental Studies, Canadian Studies, Political Science and Island Studies.  

“Our province has a unique relationship with land that shapes our society.  We have a cultural identity that includes social cohesion and a strong sense of place.  A healthy relationship with land is therefore essential for our on-going economic, social and environmental well-being.”




Rodney Dingwell

Photo of Rodney Dingwell

Mr. Dingwell was born and raised on a farm and has been farming all his life. He been involved in various boards and committees.

“Land matters to me because, among other things, it is one of the critical elements in food production. On PEI we are dealing with a very limited amount of land and for me it is important to use, improve, and protect it for future generations.”




Danielle Gillan  

Photo of Danielle Gillan

Ms. Gillan is a Registered Professional Planner who has gained significant work experience in land related legislation in PEI, in particular the Lands Protection Act, Planning Act and Municipal Government Act. 

"Land Matters because we all need it and therefore there will always be competition for it.  We must move forward with thoughtful responsibility if we want a province that fulfills the needs of future generations while upholding the quality of life that makes PEI so unique."






Philip Hamming 

Photo of Philip Hamming

Mr. Hamming is a farmer and active member of his community.

“Land matters because it is inseparable from the Island way of life. We can be mindful in stepping forward as we create our communities and livelihood in this beautiful place."





Wendell LaBobe

Photo of Wendell LaBobe

Wendell LaBobe of Charlottetown is a member of the Lennox Island First Nation and Consultation Coordinator for L’nuey.  







Teresa Mellish

Photo of Teresa Mellish

Dr. Mellish is a farmer with extensive agriculture experience both locally and internationally; and is a founding member of Farmers Helping Farmers

“Land matters to me because PEI land is such a finite and fragile resource which needs protection”.






Ashton Perry

Photo of Ashton Perry

Mrs. Perry is a Certified Crop Advisor and a part of the 3rd generation farming at W.P. Griffin 

“As a farmer, without protected and productive land, I wouldn’t be able to do much. I need to ensure the longevity of our Island land for future generations, so they have all opportunities available to them.”





Wendy Reid

Photo of Wendy Reid

Ms. Reid is a retired lawyer with extensive experience in real estate and corporate/commercial law.  

"Absentee landlords, corporate ownership, removal of lands from farming operation, zoning outside of urban are some of the land issues that Islanders have struggled with over the years.  There are no easy answers to resolving the sometime conflicting positions on these issues.  However, after receipt of submissions from interested Islanders, I hope that we will be able to provide some valuable guidance to the Provincial government on these issues."    





Marshall Smallman 

Photo of Marshall Smallman

Mr. Smallman is a 5th generation potato farmer at Smallman Farms Ltd, in Knutsford PEI.  Marshall oversees the fertility management and research trials on the farm. The farm is always striving to reduce our environmental footprint and farm in a more sustainable manner. 

"The land is the future of our industry.  I believe we need to protect and conserve our land with modern innovations and practices, to protect it for the future generations of young farmers."





Donna Waddell

Photo of Donna Waddell

Ms. Waddell has extensive experience working in municipal government.